Pooltara Resort Krabi

25 years ago, this beautiful piece of 10 rais property was just a red soil land lie beside a beautiful crystal creek that aged more than 100 years and originated from Phanom Benja Mountain, the greatest mountain in the southern part of Thailand. My parents start growing plants from seeds and keep on planting many more trees day by day. They spend all their life and effort and now, their dedication has paid off. All trees are growing happily and beautifully in this place.

After a while, this land became famous among tourists because of its natural beautiful creek and the mature trees. This is how our small business started. The original house and building is still being used as the reception and guest rooms. There are many remarkable and precious memory of the family collection from the past display in our clubhouse such as the old gunfire boxwood aged more than 70 years, a beautiful antique porcelains decorated on the wall and a vintage wood house located beside the creek named Baan Raurob.

Up until now, we are trying our best to conserve all touch of the past and the spirit of nature here in Pooltara as of 20 years ago for all our visitors. We would love to see you experience the true beauty of nature, back to slow life and feel how wonderful the Pooltara is.